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The Quest Begins

Prequel To The Journey…

At certain times in our lives there exist serendipitous events which are pivotal to the direction our futures take.  Events that somehow are just fated to occur. The desert nomads call it Kismet or a certain pre destiny.  But whatever it was my chance meeting with John that day in the spring of 1988 could not have been by mere coincidence alone.

Several times over the course of our lives our paths eerily crossed missing each other by just a few hours or days in the same location even though we lived on opposite ends of the country.   Why then was it precisely at this particular juncture of our two lives?  Now that time has given me a much greater vantage point from which to reflect I can fully understand the wisdom in it.

Our bond together was the necessary catalyst which sparked our Quest.   Initially it was our way to escape from the loose ends of our past.  However, our journey ultimately wove those strands neatly together.  Portraying a tapestry to our lives and allowing us the vision to extract the greater meaning and purpose in each single strand.  Every piece unfolded almost as if in parallels as we walked through every twist and turn side by side.  And together we helped one another identify the valuable nuggets of wisdom we eventually unearthed along the way.

Like two youthful adventurers in a great mystery novel, we hit the road with a sense of a real life treasure hunt.  Not knowing what the next clue would reveal and to be quite honest not even knowing what we were looking for.  We felt an invisible pull to keep moving just for the sake of moving and as long as we felt the yearning to journey onward we never really questioned it.

The essence of our quest was quite unlike conventional travelling which usually has a precise destination and timetable.   Whereas the journey we embarked upon reflected the purest form of freedom we could experience. Requiring no particular end point nor did our voyage need an ultimate goal to complete it. This was the path we chose to follow with little forethought nor fear of where it led… As by now for the two of us there was little left for us to lose….

I have since come to realize that although John and I have many similarities which we treasure, the secret to our special relationship lies in our differences.  We were two sides of the same coin, we truly complemented one another. Where I was weak John’s strength was abundant and the little he lacked I could somehow compensate.

John was street smart, enterprising and quick on his feet where I was shy and unassertive being bowled over easily. However on the flip side I was more intuitive and conscious of the more intangible aspects of life.  Always trying to mine the lesson which most often hid within the many layers of our journey.

One of the more difficult circumstances for John to overcome was the extent of his financial and material losses. Having tasted success in his past the failure to regain his monetary prowess hurt him deeply.  Although I too had experienced some material success by my first marriage, through the ownership of a business and a nice home somehow I was able to assimilate this new reality much better than John.

Therefore I knew instinctively to nudge him gently along another path. I also sensed that if I pushed him down it much too quickly I would lose him for good and he would be gone…  So with great care and attention to John’s newly wounded pride I managed to direct his value as a person more inward rather than measuring his worth in the more conventional sense of his past.  This for John was more difficult lesson than for myself and to be quite honest at times he still struggles with it. We did not find our fame and fortune in our quest nor was it a rags to riches and back scenario either.  That was never the purpose.

Initially we simply wanted to escape the pain of our past only to run into it headlong again and again until we were completely honest with it.  And somewhere in the midst of this process   the treasure trove of lessons were being uncovered as we began to seek the buried wisdom deep within them.  Lessons so rich in experience and wisdom it became far more valuable to us than what money could buy.

So I  invite you as the reader to ride along with me as I best recall snippets of our journey which reflect  some of the more valuable lessons and wisdom we extracted from each of  the experiences I am about to share…

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