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The Quest Begins

Seeking Our Adventure…

John and I landed in New England living on the coast of Maine and loving the refreshing enthusiasm down south of the border. We went on many adventures down there, travelling, working and enjoying our newfound freedom away from the traps of our past. John did his cars and I always helped out with driving, detailing and most fun of all finding them in all kinds of places.

I managed a part time job coaching the Kennebunk High School swim team who had heard I lived nearby and offered me the position.  To be quite honest my swimming days seemed more surreal than familiar to me by now and I had to battle my high anxiety just thinking about returning there once more.   When I first stepped onto the pool deck it triggered a serious panic attack along with the pressure in my chest that always accompanied each episode.   I immediately wondered if I had done the right thing in accepting the position as prior to this, my attacks were becoming less frequent.  Determined to face my fears and conquer this powerful inner demon once and for all I summoned up all my courage and held myself still.  I felt the flood of mixed memories rush in like a giant wave but this time instead of succumbing to the urge to run from it I just let it pass through me.  Once I allowed the whole process to take its course with little resistance from me, the feelings and panic subsided almost as quickly as they had come.   In the end I enjoyed working with the high school kids and I was proud that I did it…

After 3 years down there living in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, North Carolina , Boulder Colorado, and back to California where we stayed in Santa Barbara for a while we began to miss the social values and personal security of Canada. We were grateful to have had the opportunity to have lived and worked down there.   Had we chosen to remain I feel quite confident to say we would have been better off financially.  However not all of the things in life can be measured by money alone.

We did enjoy the generosity and friendliness of the American people but sadly to say much of the trust they had placed in their system was being sorely abused and mismanaged.  As far back as the early to mid ‘90’s we could see the problems looming on their horizon.  Complex issues and economic woes that have been simmering for years which are now just rushing to the surface.  Under regulated capitalism, easy credit, lack of gun control, corruption, greed and the ever widening disparity of incomes and wealth have all contributed to the creation of these giant fissures in their country.

What really concerns me presently; however, are the changes and foreshadowing of many of the same symptoms here in Canada.  Can we not learn from other’s mistakes?  Usually we wake up much too late to avoid the pitfalls but I do not want to digress here… I was able to complete my certification in Holistic Counselling while in Massachusetts which augmented by Kinesiology Certificate I had received from Simon Fraser University in the mid 1980’s.   I had always been intrigued by the science of mind and body employing its powerful connection in my athletics and in my daily life as well. Eager to share my own experiences and lessons from it I wrote my first manuscript entitled “Mind over Matter” a unique approach to healthy weight management.   Explaining the relevance and importance of managing all three aspects of health and overall wellnesses which are the physical, the psychological and the spiritual or should I say the more intangible side of life.

John and I had taken a giant leap of faith in plunging headlong into our journey not even having a route map or compass to guide our direction. Not only did we manage to survive it and find our way home but we were enriched by it.  Over the many years that have passed since leaving the States and returning home to Canada our quest is by no means completed.  We are still a work in progress and happily so…

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