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My Knight In Rusty Armour

In the darkness of a pitch black January night John desperately drove his car up and down looking for Bill who was nowhere in sight.  Calling for help he and a Belleville police officer stopped at the top of the bridge and the officer cautiously shone his bright flashlight onto the frozen ice below.  Fearing to see the worst John held his breath.  100 meters below where they stood was the outline of Bill’s crumpled body lying in a broken heap on the dark cold ice.

With his spirit broken John tried to pick the shattered pieces of his life back up but somehow this time it just wasn’t there.  Depressed and in emotional pain himself John was placed on antidepressants not understanding then that he was actually suffering from post-traumatic stress due to all the physical and emotional blows in his lifetime which he now clearly realizes.

Feeling worse and out of body on the prescribed medications John had enough fighting spirit left in him to flush all the meds, sell all the possessions he had acquired over the last few years along with his home and business and travel west to Vancouver in hopes of starting a new life for himself and his wife Shirley.

John’s entrepreneurial spirit seemed to have been rekindled as he soon set about buying a nice home in North Vancouver and starting up a new Classic car business. However things didn’t go as well as he had planned. Not only did the constant grey skies dampen John’s spirits but the ominous black clouds loomed heavy over the BC economy as well. Eventually within a few short years everything John had worked so hard for all his life was now gone and with it his marriage and all his hopes and dreams…Weary of climbing the ladder only to be cruelly knocked down once too often really hit John hard this time.

By the spring of 1988 John was now trying to pick up the shattered pieces of his life once again and in amongst the ruins he somehow found me….

This is the beginnings of our journey together and the groundwork of our quest was now set….


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